Family-related matters are often emotionally charged. It’s just the nature of close relationships. Issues surrounding divorce, child custody, alimony and asset distribution can be challenging under any circumstances. The Gillen Law Firm is there to educate, guide and offer alternative options to settling personal family matters in court. The Gillen Law Firm offers mediation services for couples to settle disputes. When compared to family court, mediation is private, less costly, time consuming and contentious.

The Mediation Process: The Gillen Law Firm

The mediation process consists of a series of meetings led and facilitated by a neutral third party. The role of the third party is to help couples identify and resolve specific issues in an agreeable manner. This approach puts couples in control, instead of having a judge make decisions. The Gillen Law Firm works closely with clients, preps them for the meetings and acts as a legal coach in developing a creative and balanced agreement. They are dedicated to acting in your best interests and the family’s best interests. Mediation is non-adversarial, and the adverse aftereffects are less damaging than a court room battle.

Mediation: The Gillen Law Firm

Most disputes arising out of divorce and separation can be managed through mediation. This includes parenting arrangements and child visitation. Ongoing parental conflict is the most damaging part of divorce for children. The mediator works with parents to help them be more objective and make decisions based on what’s best for the kids. Mediation can also assist in the negotiating the terms of marriage contracts, disputes between family members over estates and intergenerational conflicts.

Why does mediation usually work? Mediators are skilled at managing and diffusing conflict on sensitive issues like financial and co-parenting plans. Issues are discussed in a voluntary manner to meet the interests and needs of both parties. Mediation allows couples to express their feelings and concerns in a way that is accepted by the other party. It’s process that removes emotional barriers and equalizes the balance of power. All around, mediation makes it easier to resolve disputes and create a settlement that is comfortable for both parties.

If you’re facing issues related to divorce or separation, turn to The Gillen Law Firm for help. They will carefully listen to your concerns and let you know if mediation may be a good choice.

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